ICC Women`s World Cup 2013 Live Score

ICC WOMEN`S WORLD CUP 2013 Live score available here during the match timing. History Of Women`s International Cricket:ICC which is The INTERNATIONAL CRICKET COUNCIL, is an organization that governs and organizes all the international events and tournaments of cricket all around the world. The history of women`s international cricket goes back to 1934. Since then women as sportspersons have strived hard to prove themselves in this field as best players and sportsperson and ICC has always put special emphasis on flourishment and progress of women`s cricket. Which is clearly seen in the fact that now there are a total of fifteen female international cricket teams i.e. Australia, England, Pakistan, India, Denmark, Young England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies, Jamaica, Ireland and International XI which participate in all sorts of international events arranged by ICC.

ICC WOMEN`S WORLD CUP HISTORY:ICC World Cup is the biggest tournament in Cricket whether it is men`s or women`s one day International cricket, besides World Cup numerous other events are arranged and conducted by ICC off and on. This grand tournament is conducted after every four year interval. In Various international events that are organized every now and then by ICC there has been an enthusiastic contribution from all international women teams. The first world cup i.e. the biggest event in history of women`s international cricket was conducted in 1973 by ICC, in England. //Eight teams participate in a World cup tournament , They fight for the glory of their nation, to achieve the world cup trophy for their nation. English, Australian and New Zealand`s women team has appeared in all the world cup tournaments played so far i.e. Nine in total where Australia appearing as the Most successful team having won the tournament 5 times so far i.e. for years 1978, 1982, 1988,1997 and 2005. The English women`s team appears on second having won three world cup tournaments so far. The last world cup event was held in Australia in year 2009, in which England stood victorious. The next starts January 31st2013.

ICC Women`s World Cup 2013 Live Score

ICC Women`s World Cup 2013 Live Score


For 2013 world cup two groups: i.e. Group A: England, India, West Indies, Sri Lanka are to be held in Mumbai.

Group B:  Australia, New Zealand , south Africa, Pakistan are to be played at Cuttack.

In this stage, the matches are to be held on the 31st, 1st, 3rd and 5th of February, 6 teams will qualify for next level in this stage.WARM-UP MATCHES ICC WOMENS WORLD CUP 2013. The next world cup i.e. for year 2013 is bieng held in INDIA , England as defending champions. Mumbai and Cuttak, India are the venues for the matches of the tournament that are to continue from 31st January and till 17th February, 2013. Warm-up matches were scheduled for dates 28, 29 and 30th January, where England beat RSA by 51 runs, england beat new Zealand by eight wickets, Australia beat West Indies by 135 runs at Mumbai on 28th, combined XI beat Sri Lanka by four wickets at mumbai on 28th,  on 29th Pakistan beat Odisha XI by 95 runs, Australia beat India by five wickets, New Zealand beat England by 13 runs and Sri Lanka beat South Africa by two wickets. On 30th Odisha XI beat Pakistan by four wickets.Super-Six Stage: The six teams that have qualified up to this stage will play in super-six stage, the matches will be played on 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 13thand 15th of February 2013.

Final:Two teams that will qualify for finals will play this match, this fate-deciding match will be played on 17th February in Mumbai, and the world shall know the new World Champions.ICC Women`s World Cup 2013 Live Score here at perlsprots.com for more stay connected with us at this page.

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